Capital Fortress Ratings, LLC is a provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe and Asia. We offer an extensive line of Internet and print-based products and services for financial advisors/planners, buy-side firms and other institutions. Capital Fortress Ratings prodives data on over 3,200 investment offerings, including stocks, mutual funds and similar vehicles.

We pride ourselves on conducting and disseminating research that can actually be used by investors, and used quickly. Our insight looks to combine decades of real-world trading and investment experience. As many of our analysts and employees have been or still are traders in their own personal endeavors, they have a comprehensive grasp of exactly what investors need to see in order to be successful.

  • equity research >

    Coverage on over 1,750 liquid US listed stocks

    As long as you utilize the right information, the simpler the process the more accurate the projection. Our reports are clear, concise and produced for the quick intake of lots of crucial information.

  • fund research >

    Coverage on over 1,500 different mutual funds

    The performance of mutual funds is based on the composite of the underlying equities. So in order to value mutual funds appropriately, you must be able to value equities appropriately. We do both and do them well.

  • sector research >

    Coverage on 9 sectors and over 300 separate industries

    Slicing and dicing equities by way of their industry or sector gives you additional insight into what areas might outperform and what areas might lag the general markets. Our reports give you that insight.